ALPHAville's geometric house

W-Window House in Tokyo by Japanese architects ALPHAville, is basically a rectangle - with a triangular slice

How did they get away with it? The Kyoto neighbourhood where the W-Window House stands is awash with one-and two-storey buildings. But this house, by Japanese architects ALPHAville, is twice the height. It’s basically a rectangle, but the architects have nipped a little triangular slice out of each long wall, and one side of each triangle is entirely glazed. This can’t help but let more light into the snug plot. The rest is clad in steel, meaning the building must make quite an impression on the locals. Inside, there are three split-level storeys, with bannisterless stairs snaking up, painted white on the most visible surface and black on the underside. Design statement at its best. If you want more design at it's best take a look in our Archive of Graphic Design.


W-Window House - ALPHAville
W-Window House - ALPHAville


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