Mumbai artists get a new concrete base

Sanjay Puri Architects create fittingly sculptural bulbous structure in concrete for Bombay Art Society

Bombay Art Society - Sanjay Puri
Bombay Art Society - Sanjay Puri

How fitting that an arts organisation should commission such a sculptural structure. The Bombay Art Society has been serving both art and artists in India for 122 years. It’s now got a new home, courtesy of Mumbai practice Sanjay Puri Architects.

The firm had already made a splash with its protruding, multi-angled concrete Courtyard House in Rajasthan. Concrete was the material of choice again for the artists. From the curved base, the building reaches up to a bulbous modern-day turret, complete with floor-to-ceiling glazing enabling sea views. More light gets in down the spine of the building, with one corner featuring organic glazed perforations.


Bombay Art Society - Sanjay Puri
Bombay Art Society - Sanjay Puri

“It sits in a tight site of just 1300sqm, sculptural profile of the building generates two discrete spaces that inhabit different programmes and users,” explain the architects. “The design ensures that the public and private spaces flow effortlessly into one another.” So galleries and other public parts are on the lower floors, while admin and office work happens further up.

The National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi has a Henry Moore piece that wouldn’t look out of place standing in front of the Bombay Art Society’s new home. Or maybe, with all those spare yet undulating curves, a Barbara Hepworth would look even more appropriate. If you like what you see, then please consider our Atlas of 21st Century Architecture, and when you're on the move you'll likely prefer to download The Phaidon Architecture Travel Guide App. And if you came to this story because of a love of all things concrete, this is the book for you.

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