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Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, Googie style and Villa Carlotta all referenced in Moby's LA architecture video




They say that when you've lived in a city for a number of years you don't really see it anymore and it takes a move to a new environment to reset your everyday visual inventory. For years, DJ and musician Moby has been synonymous with New York life. However, he recently relocated to LA, the city of the second chance and has set up a rather fine architecture blog about the place (and others) that you can read here.

In today's great way to start the day video he discusses some of the many buildings that inspire him in his new home town. As we point out in our Wallpaper City guide, LA's architecture has been reinvented, reformulated and reinterpreted over and over again. And with architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner and Charles and Ray Eames all represented in the city there's a lot to be impressed by (we particularly like the fact Moby references Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, used in Ridley Scott's Bladerunner and a designated city, state, and national landmark). The video serves as a good gateway into the more in depth descriptions you'll find in Phaidon's wonderful books among them, Los Angeles Architecture, the Atlas of 21st World Architecture and our Wallpaper City guide.




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