Marc Quinn sculpture is centre stage at Paralympics

43 feet tall version of disabled artist Alison Lapper sits proudly in the middle of the Olympic stadium

An enormous version of Marc Quinn's sculpture of disabled artist Alison Lapper took centre stage at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Park last night. A remake of the art work that originally graced the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square London in 2005, the 43 feet tall structure sat in the middle of the stadium as the ceremony unfolded.

The theme of the night was enlightenment – not simply in the age of science and art, but also in regard to disability and perceptions of it. Shortly before the ceremony,artistic director Jenny Sealey said: "I want people to see a great show and come out saying: 'Bloody hell, I never knew there were so many disabled people.' This is our chance not to be hidden any more."


Alison Lapper - originally by Marc Quinn
Alison Lapper - originally by Marc Quinn



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