Kutluğ Ataman: key works

Highlights from Ataman's mid-career retrospective, 'The Enemy Inside Me'; the internationally-successful artist's first major show in his native country
Kutlug Ataman, Women Who Wear Wigs (1999)

1 / 6 Kutlug Ataman, Women Who Wear Wigs (1999)

Kutlug Ataman, Never My Soul (2001)

2 / 6 Kutlug Ataman, Never My Soul (2001)

Kutlug Ataman, The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read (2002)

3 / 6 Kutlug Ataman, The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read (2002)

Kutlug Ataman, Stefan’s Room (2004)

4 / 6 Kutlug Ataman, Stefan’s Room (2004)

Kutlug Ataman 99 Names (2006)

5 / 6 Kutlug Ataman 99 Names (2006)

Kutlug Ataman, Turkish Delight (2007)

6 / 6 Kutlug Ataman, Turkish Delight (2007)

Kutluğ Ataman: The Enemy Inside Me, currently on show at Istanbul Modern (until 6 March) presents key works from the career of one of Turkey's most successful contemporary video artists for the first time in his native country.

Ataman's video and film works are distinct for documenting the lives of individuals whose personal narratives come together to create mulit-layered pieces that comment on - and explore - social, cultural and political issues. His works dangle between reality and fiction, questioning how individuals manifest their identities through storytelling and how narratives are used to re-fabricate another 'self'. 

Major pieces in the show include Women Who Wear Wigs (1999), which first brought him to the attention of the international art world when it was screened at the 48th Venice Biennale that year, The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read (2002), which was included in Days Like These, the Tate Britain triennial exhibition of contemporary British art in 2003, Turkish Delight (2007), which sees the artist turn the camera on himself and fff (2006-9), created in collaboration with composer Michael Nyman and most recently exhibited at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The show also includes an entirely new piece, Beggars (2010), co-commissioned by Thomas Dane Gallery and the 29th São Paulo Biennial.


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