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The Art of Edward Hopper - set to a jaunty soundtrack, courtesy of the king of swing Benny Goodman




We don’t need to tell you too much about the work of Edward Hopper - the greatest painter of the American human experience in the 20th century who, in his images of the city and nature created a moving visual poetry, charged with an aura of loneliness, solitude and silence. 

There are a number of Hopper-related videos out there on the net – most of them accompanied by the kind of impressionist styles of music you’d expect to find sound tracking this most solitary of artists among them pieces by Brian Eno, Claude Debussy and Miles Davis. 

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper by Arnold Newman (1960)


We were drawn to this one though because it sets Hopper’s work to a jaunty swing soundtrack courtesy of Benny Goodman (the king of swing) who was the toast of the town when Hopper too was at his most productive, producing among many of his most important works including New York Movie (1939), Girlie Show (1941), Nighthawks (1942), Hotel Lobby (1943), and Morning in a City (1944).

If you're intrigued and want to go further, our thought-provoking monograph, Silent Theater: The Art Of Edward Hopper just out in paperback, examines Hopper’s art from diverse literary, psychological and cultural perspectives. The book gives a number of fresh insights into his work, explaining how his troubled marriage, his emotions and obsessive themes influenced his vision of the America he lived in. As an insight into his life and work it’s pretty much peerless. You can buy it here.




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