How to be a stylish audiophile

From the packaging to the design of its products Scandanavian company AIAIAI makes any audiophile look good

As you might suspect we’re big fans of minimalism here at - after all, we publish books by this guy. Which is why we were intrigued by these headphones from relatively new Danish company AIAIAI. The designs themselves are simple and rather beautiful in their own right, with a clear focus on organic lines and on overall iconic shape. They also feature pleasingly to-the-point names such as Swirl, Pipe and Tracks -  yet it was actually the packaging and its graphics around the elements of pause and play, that initially caught our eye. 

Creative Director for the project was Muggie Ramadani Design Studio, an interdisclipinary studio specialising in what it calls creating intelligent solutions for both analogue and digital media.


AIAIAI headphones, packaging designed by Muggie Ramadani Design Studio AIAIAI headphones, packaging designed by Muggie Ramadani Design Studio


The company has previously branded and worked on the corporate identities for Embassy Schweiz, Copengagen’s airline terminal CPH Go, mobile tech company Yond and Swiss Chocolatier Max, winning numerous design awards along the way.

“I got approached last November,” Ramadani tells Phaidon. “The company had a desire to make the branding appear more clear than on the old packaging - my task was to do just that."


AIAIAI headphones, packaging designed by Muggie Ramadani Design Studio AIAIAI headphones, packaging designed by Muggie Ramadani Design Studio


"The logo existed but the old packaging was a bit messy," Ramdani continued. "The company is selling in the Apple store now so it needed something a little more modern. I was keen to make the branding clearer, fix the hierarchy and the way that you actually see the product. Instead of trying to communicate everything at the same level, I wanted to communicate certain aspects.”

Headquartered in Copenhagen and informed by a heritage of Scandinavian design, AIAIAI creates high quality, accessible audio products that deliver value far beyond the aesthetics for which it is gradually becoming famous. For its latest product, the Capital, the company called upon design company Kibisi.  Launched this month it's made out of nylon reinforced with fibreglass with a lightweight rubber-brace designed to withstand heavy, everyday use in urban environments. After use the phones fold up for storage in the included carrying pouch. We think it looks a litle Dieter Rams influenced - which can only be a good thing.

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