All you need to know about The Atlas of Interior Design

Our global overview of incredible interiors from 1940 until the present day will inform, delight and inspire

Where should we place interiors within the wider world of human creativity? Our new Atlas of Interior Design offers some insights. In the book’s introduction, author Dominic Bradbury quotes the great French interior designer Madeleine Castaing, who once wrote: “Making a house is creating. I make houses like others write poetry, make music, or paint.”

Like music, poetry and painting, interior design reflects periods and geographical variations, while also containing elements of timeless beauty. Our new book enables readers to revel in that beauty, while also discovering those idiosyncrasies of time and place.

This singular tour of the most admired and influential residential interiors from 1940 up until the present day, brings readers into more than 400 incredible homes created over the past eight decades. There are well-known addresses, such as the Eames House in LA; the Calvin Klein residence in New York; Casa Barragán in Mexico City; the Bella Freud Apartment in London; the Rams Residence in Kronberg, Germany; and Maison Prouvé in Nancy, France.


Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design
Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design


Yet the Atlas of Interior Design also reaches beyond the usual places, to take in a Bavarian datcha, a royal apartment in Paris; the French seaside villa once frequented and decorated by Jean Cocteau; as well Australian beach houses; exquisite Alpine ski lodges; big city lofts and penthouses; and pretty much everything in between.


Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design
Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design


The Atlas of Interior Design provides clear locations and dates of creation for every inclusion, alongside perfectly matched words and photos. In these pages you’ll learn about the Californian house that once served as a recording studio for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; the old English school building that Terrance Conran turned into a commanding modern, British home; and the ornate, Russian-style log cabin Perre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent commissioned in the Normandy countryside.



Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design
Pages from the Atlas of Interior Design


No one style wins out in this book, and while readers can pick out trends within these pages, the Atlas of Interior Design doesn’t lay down any strict rules or dictats. Instead, Bradbury writes, it should serve “not only as a resource of information but as a source of inspiration.”

“The hope is that this book can help inform the design of our forthcoming personal retreats, safe havens, and escape pods by encouraging us to express our own ideas and personalities within the spaces that we live in,” he goes on.


Atlas of Interior Design


To realise that hope and find a bit of inspiration for yourself, order a copy of the Atlas of Interior Design here. 



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