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How Tamara Mellon and the tech effect changed Fashion in LA
The co-founder of Jimmy Choo drew on California’s digital culture when she came to launch her new company

Published: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Fabien Baron in 5 classic magazines
The masterful creative director first made his name via the glossies. Here’s a handful of titles he changed for good
Published: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Phaidon publishes first ever visual autobiography by Rihanna
Large-format, 504-page book, with more than 1,000 photos features intimate moments from her life and creative journey
Published: Monday, 7 October 2019
How a riot, an earthquake and a drought shaped LA fashion
Krista Smith on how some pretty apocalyptic events shook-up La La Land and made room for creatives to move in
Published: Thursday, 26 September 2019
Bronson van Wyck and the dark arts of party planning
Here’s how a little heavy metal once helped America’s greatest event producer out of a late-night jam
Published: Friday, 20 September 2019
All you need to know about Born to Party, Forced to Work
America’s host with the most, Bronson van Wyck, shares anecdotes, memories and tips on throwing parties that are as much fun to give as they are to go to
Published: Friday, 13 September 2019
Kate Moss on Fabien Baron
'He senses the future, because he’s there before the rest of us,' Moss writes in her introduction to Baron's book
Published: Thursday, 12 September 2019
All you need to know about Fabien Baron: Works 1983 – 2019
See the best work by the world’s most sought-after creative director, all in one volume, designed by Baron himself
Published: Monday, 9 September 2019
Marc Jacobs to receive MTV’s first Fashion Trailblazer award
The designer will be the inaugural recipient of this new accolade at the Video Music Awards on August 26
Published: Monday, 5 August 2019
Marc Jacobs recalls his student days in three Eighties IDs
These identity cards capture some of the designer's earliest dramatic personal looks
Published: Monday, 29 July 2019
Marc Jacobs is learning to drive!
Having snagged a beautiful suburban house, the New York fashion designer is ready to pick up a new life skill
Published: Monday, 22 July 2019
Fabien Baron, Giorgio Armani and a world-beating scent
On Giorgio Armani's birthday, we look back at the world-beating men's fragrance he created with Fabien Baron
Published: Thursday, 11 July 2019


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