The Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The record-breaking venue for the Super Bowl XLV championship game

Yesterday's Super Bowl championship was not only a major event for sports fans (and, of course, advertisers) but for the venue itself. Super Bowl XLV was the first time the event has taken place in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, but it was also the first time the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium had been put through its paces.

Designed by the HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, the building opened on 6 June 2009. At over 3 million-square-foot and with a capacity for up to 100,000 fans, it is the largest NFL venue ever built, and one of the most spectacular stadiums worldwide. The structure features the largest retractable roof of its kind in the world, measuring approximately 660,800 square feet. When closed, the roof encompasses 104 million cubic feet of volume. The stadium also features two monumental arches to support the roof, which soar 292 feet above the playing field. As the longest single span roof structure in the world, each boxed arch is 35 feet deep by 17 feet wide. Weighing 3,255 tons each, the impressive structures span 1,225 feet in length.

One of the most famous features of the stadium, however, is the one-of-a-kind center-hung video board. Set approximately 90 feet above the field from the rood structure, the innovative video center spans between the 20-yard lines and features four individual boards – two facing the sidelines and two facing the end zones. The stunning combination of these boards immerses spectators with video imagery, creating a premium on upper level seats and presenting the game - and the inter-game entertainment - in a way never before experienced. 


Follow the link to Arch Daily for a full commentary on the ground-breaking features of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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