Nothing to see here

Junya Ishigami takes minimalist architecture to new extremes



Skinny guy, skinny jeans, probably a skinny tie if the occasion deemed it appropriate, stylish Japanese architect Junya Ishigami makes maximum impact with minimal material, just like his near invisible architectural exhibition Architecture as Air, currently taking place at Barbican’s Curve gallery in London (until October 16).

The 37 year old Tokyo-based architect’s installation is a reworking of the piece Architecture as air: study for château la coste which won him a Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale last year. 

Inspired by the dimensions of water droplets and water vapour, the work consists of 0.1 mm wide transparent carbon-fibre columns, secured by threads of 0.01 mm, which create a beautifully delicate interlocking structure which runs through the 4 m gallery space.

Check out the Barbican’s video (above) to hear some of the artist’s and curator’s thoughts and to get an idea of the experience of visiting the exhibition. Take it from us, it's fascinating, even if there isn’t exactly a lot to see...



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