The Essential Art Book Collection

Who better to curate a collection of art book essentials than Phaidon, the publisher credited with having "invented the art book"?


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Who better to curate a collection of art book essentials than Phaidon, the publisher credited with having "invented the art book"? These stunningly produced, meticulously edited and exquisitely illustrated titles cover all sides of artistic endeavor, from prehistoric times to the present day.

Some examine man's earliest artworks, while others describe the latest developments in painting, sculpture and performance art. With this selection in hand you can understand art history, unpick the knotty ideas that lie beneath today's most important works, venture across the globe to take in the finest site-specific public artworks ever created, and get an insiders' guide to the cities currently on the rise within the art world.

This exclusive collection has been carefully selected by Phaidon's own editorial board, to give both dedicated gallery goers and art initiates the opportunity discover an entire world of artistic practice art through the prism of 9 impeccably conceived large-format books.

This collection includes:

The Story of Art: Luxury Edition: Exquisite cloth-bound edition of the classic art-history text – the perfect gift for every art connoisseur and student.

Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramic in Contemporary Art: A global survey of 100 of today's most important clay and ceramic artists, chosen by leading art world professionals.

Painting Beyond Pollock: A lively and accessible history of European and American painting from the mid-20th century onwards.

Body of Art: The first book to celebrate the beautiful and provocative ways artists have represented, scrutinized and utilized the body over centuries.

Art in Time: An up-to-date guide to the most significant art styles and movements from the present to antiquity.

Art & Place: The most spectacular, uplifting and outstanding examples of site-specific art in the Americas.

Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Art: A global survey of more than 100 artists, chosen by art-world professionals for their work with threads, stitching, and textiles.

Great Women Artists: Five centuries of fascinating female creativity presented in more than 400 compelling artworks and one comprehensive volume.


Format: Hardback
Size: 320 x 270 mm (12 5/8 x 10 5/8 in)
Pages: 3500 pp
Illustrations: 5000 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714879482

The Story of Art:

"Like every art historian of my generation, my way of thinking about pictures has been in large measure shaped by Ernst Gombrich. I was 15 when I read The Story of Art and like millions since, I felt I had been given a map of a great country, and with it the confidence to explore further without fear of being overwhelmed."—Neil MacGregor, former Director of the National Gallery, London, 1995

Vitamin P3:

"The new Vitamin P3 continues in the exceptional line of Vitamin P volumes."—Interview Online

"The definitive guide to the medium of painting today."—Artnet News

Art in Time:

"Beautifully produced... An absorbing and enlightening gallop through art. The careful balance of digestible chunks of information with beautiful images makes this equally rewarding as a dip-into coffee table book or a cover to cover read." —RA Magazine

The Art Museum:

"Why buy a mere art book when you could have a museum of your own? A colossal tome that, ranging across continents, periods, and artistic approaches, sets out to compile the perfect collection." —The Times


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