Animal Story Collection

A collection of four whimsical story books for children aged 2-5


Price: €59.80 €47.80

This collection includes:

Are You a Monkey?: A game of animal charades that will leave readers guessing and giggling

Little Bear Dreams: A cozy and whimsical ode to polar opposites

Toto's Apple: Creativity and perseverance lead to unexpected success for a little worm who goes after an apple high up in a tree

Something's Fishy: This ice fishing mystery features a grumpy penguin, a troupe of curious onlookers, and a surprise ending!

Ages 2–5


Format: 4 Hardbacks
Size: 228 x 228 mm (9 x 9 in)
Pages: 120 pp
Illustrations: 120 illustrations

On Are You a Monkey?:

"A fun, clever, kid-enticing way to learn facts about a group of jungle animals... Painting with a rich Pantone color palette, Rivoal captures the lushness of the jungle while providing a stimulating visual feast for readers. Are You a Monkey is a great choice for energetic story times at home or at school and could introduce interactive classroom lessons on animal traits and behavior." —Celebrate Picture Books

"This book has children guessing, giggling, and considering animal behavior and characteristics." —Learning

On Little Bear Dreams:

"This is the most calming bedtime story to help a little one drift off peacefully or settle back to sleep after a troubling dream. Polar bears dream about bright snowflakes, hot chocolate and... cold pizza?"—Mother & Baby

"Learn about pairing and opposites with the wintry new book by author and illustrator Paul Schmid. Its calming, lyrical text and beautiful imagery makes it a cosy bedtime tale that's just perfect for the chilly season."—Baby magazine

On Toto's Apple:

"Endearing, humorous, and all-out fun... What makes this book special is the little protagonist: a worm named Toto... He is a great example of persistence and his brilliant ideas are sure to make readers old and young smile."
Book Nerd Mommy blog

"A madcap miniodyssey sure to thrill readers."
Kirkus Reviews

On Something's Fishy:

"An ice-fishing penguin gets grumpy when he fails to catch anything. I love the stylish graphics and deadpan humour, with echoes of Jon Klassen."—The Bookseller

"A fast-paced and entertaining read-aloud that provides ample opportunity for character voices and multiple punchlines. Children will wager predictions throughout, and crack up at the clever and comical ending!"—


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